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Thriving Under Fire

Dealing with passionate (difficult) people
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This course gives you the skills to deal with passionate people, also known as angry parents, upset fans, confused club members, confrontational committee members, sulking suppliers, prickly players, grumpy coaches, niggly neighbours, crying children or neglected spouses.

In four modules covering (fifteen topics) you will learn why people act the way they do, why you find them difficult and simple things you can do to keep them as raving fans, good friends, loyal supporters, faithful spouses and contented kids.

The TUF programme is an award winning programme used in retail and service industries that has been adapted for those involved with sport and recreation. It could make a big difference to your life.

What you’ll learn:
  • How to understand and respond to an upset person
  • How to manage your own emotions when faced with emotional people
  • How to improve your emotional and social intelligence
  • Skills and knowledge training in communication models
  • How to train your brain to work better in difficult moments
  • Real life examples with modelling and practice
  • Dealing with special groups and situations

Time needed:
Each module would take about 20 – 25 minutes to complete. We recommend you do small amounts each day and take time to think about what you are learning and apply it in real life.

When do I start:
You can start this course immediately as soon as you sign up.
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